The American Of Canadian Foreign Relations

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Over the course of history Canada has engaged in social, political, economic and cultural relations with various countries. Managing relationships and foreign policy are key elements in Canadian foreign policy. These relationships and policies have taken many different shapes and forms as expected, and thus, the history of Canadian foreign relations is a significant part of Canada’s identity as a nation today. In particular, one aspect that is often analyzed on this topic is the how the Americans failed to conquer Canada. One can only imagine how different Canada would be if certain battles favoured the Americans. It is evident, that the Americans failure to conquer Canada was a result of poor war tactics and military conduct at crucial points in time. The Americans were not fully prepared to conquer Canada as a whole, and underestimated the Canadians in terms of their war capabilities, loyalty and readiness for war. The Americans also naively believed they could take advantage and attack the British during the American Revolution.
An important period to consider is 1775-1783 where crucial battles and victories emerged for Canada against the Americans. In December of 1975, the Americans decided to attack Quebec, what is known and referred to as the Battle of Quebec in the American Revolutionary War. The purpose or motive of the invasion was to incorporate Quebec into the thirteen colonies. This would ultimately prove to be a failure for the Americans, which is discussed
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