The Analysis Of The Registration Process For A Pharmacist

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The critical analysis of the registration process for a pharmacist in another Member State registering to practice in the Republic of Ireland will be facilitated through an understanding of the influence of the European Union and a comparison of the registration procedures outlined by both the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom. The agreement of ROI to the European Treaty in 1973 on 1 January has had and has a profound effect on all legislation including the area of pharmacy. EU legislation predominantly comes in the form of directives or regulations. Regulations are considered mandatory in their totality where-as directives allow for implementation into national law sanctioning countries to incorporate it using their own methods …show more content…

The improvements were necessary in order to comply with EU directives specifically directive 2005/85/EC which frameworks the free movement of professionals across member states and exemplifies that previous implementation was inadequate. It is now acknowledged and regulated by the Statutory Instrument no. 489/2008 (Ireland 2008). The authors Weedle and Clarke (2011); Appelbe et al. (2013) have synopsised the criteria which must be met in order to be eligible for the EU route of registration with regards the directive 2005/85/EC to practice in the ROI and subsequently the UK. Firstly the applicant must be a citizen of a member state within the EU/EEA. The applicant must then provide evidence of their qualification in pharmacy. The education/training prerequisites are outlined in Article 44 of the EU directive (Directive 2005/85/EC). If the criterion there is met then automatic recognition is permitted. Alternatively one must demonstrate a minimum of three uninterrupted years of the past five years in a regulated pharmaceutical discipline/area as mentioned in Article 45. This form of entry is as a result of acquired rights provision. This is for those who cannot comply with the above mentioned training requisite. This maybe as a result of the applicant possessing the qualification in pharmacy in a

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