Cue Digital Media Essay

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Elevator Pitch
Cue Digital Media is a full-operational digital marketing firm that specializes in the influencing, marketing and offering of video services for sports, entertainment, news and media company. Our goal is to use the power of the social media to enhance the marketing services offered to our clients. We make use of the power of search engine optimization to ensure the news or information received from our clients reaches a global audience (CueDigitalMedia, 2016). We also offer other web marketing services such as using our high scores to improve on the traffic of our clients ' websites.
As one of Canada 's leading digital advertisement firms, Cue Media is an online firm that deals with the dissemination of online news, entertainment and sports news. The company also offers marketing and advertisement services to other companies by use of online platforms that apply the search engine optimization to increase traffic. In addition, it also deals with creation of branded entertainment, partnerships and sponsorship with major brands such as Fortune 100 brands (RogersDigitalMedia, 2016).
As part of its growth in the digital and content marketing industry, Cue Digital Media has been increasing its niche over the years. Comscore Media Metrix reports that as of October 2013, Cue Media was able to increase its reach to over 10.3 million unduplicated Unique Canadian Males (CueDigitalMedia, 2016). This was in addition to the exclusive and selective reach the company

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