The Ancient Egyptian Beliefs

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The ancient Egyptians had a very complex and developed religion with intricate beliefs. Their gods were seen as creators of the earth and mankind, and keepers of peace and order.The Egyptian beliefs in the afterlife include science, mythology, spiritualism, and ma’at. The polytheistic beliefs that they had still are not completely understood to this day predominately because of the diversity in beliefs and infrequent records. The Egyptians had many gods and goddesses that ruled over certain aspects of their everyday lives, the pharaoh is even looked at as a god to the Egyptians. They are depicted as humans, animals, and humans with animal heads or animal like features. A few of the gods have stories of how they became gods, and others are believed they were not created nor brought up to be a god, but have been a god since the beginning of time. Heka, god of medicine and magic, is a god that is believed to be existent from the beginning of creation. Some stories say that the world was created when Atum,who was lonely, had two children from himself and his shadow. The two children set out on a journey and became lost for a period of time. When the children returned the father was so happy that he cried,as his tears fell onto the earth mankind began to grow from the earth. This is where the Egyptian religion is unclear because there are several different versions of this story, but all conclude that Atum assisted in the creation of mankind. The Egyptians primary gods

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