The And Its Effects On The Earth

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Incas believed that before anything was created, there was a being called Viracocha Pachayachachi, which translates to “Creator of All Things”. He then created everything in this universe and then he created humans. When he created humans he gave them some rules such as there shall be no quarrelling on earth. As they disobeyed this rule, Viracocha cursed the beings on earth. Some were swallowed by the earth and some were swallowed by the sea. He then brought a flood that washed away all the humans. After the flood Viracocha saved 2 humans who he called upon when he needed help later on. Out from the dark depths of Lake Titicaca Viracocha bought eternal light to the new earth summoning the sun, moon and the stars. Viracocha then created everyone differently. Some women he painted as pregnant, some caring for their babies beside them and on each figure he painted clothes so that they would continue to wear. He also carved out the different nations and tribes that he wanted to exist. Viracocha then divided these stones up into separate groups and buried them in the earth to wait for their command of summoning. After, Viracocha commanded his 2 helpers to travel the earth to awake the people who were lying deep in earth in caves, streams, rivers and waterfall. He sent one helper to east region and the other to west region. They were sent there to awaken the people and inform them of the stories they have experienced. Viracocha then went to Cuzco. Along the way he woke up the

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