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Updation of ERP Systems in India

1Divya Tuteja, 2Dr. Aman Jain

1Research Scholar (Singhania University), Pacheri Bari, Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. E-Mail :

2Professor at Deepshikha College of Technical Education, Jaipur, Rajasthan, E- mail:-

Abstract - In recent years there has been an increase in using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems in large companies and government corporations mainly in developed countries. However, due to recent economic growth, developing countries such as India are increasingly becoming major targets of ERP vendors. There is an urgent need for understanding ERP implementation issues in developing countries, as ERP systems are still in their early stages in
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An ERP system is a packaged business software system that allows a company to [3]:
• automate and integrate the majority of its business processes,
• share common data and practices across the entire enterprise, and
• produce and access information in a real-time environment
An ERP system as “a packaged software product that can be bought `off-the-shelf ' by an organisation in order to integrate and share its information and related business processes within and across functional areas"[2][3]. This definition emphasizes the integration, laid by ERP, between various organisational networks, in particular functional divisions within organisations like finance, marketing, procurement, inventory, sales and distribution, human resources planning and payroll while downplaying the implicit side of the ERP systems, for example business processes embedded in the ERP.

• Upgrade and Improvement

This category refers to activities undertaken by organisation to optimise ERP systems and the decision leading to ERP system upgrade.
Two properties were identified namely: upgrade cycle and upgrade decisions.

Upgrade cycle
This refers to the length of period between ERP system upgrade in an organisation. The period can be short (less than 2 years) or long (more than 3 years).
The research findings reveal that long upgrade cycles are likely to add additional risks. Upgrades tend to
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