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, clouds and the capitalisation of a person’s information are relatively new concepts in relation to other systems and technologies within society. These older systems; let’s give the example of the automotive industry. The car as we know it today was birthed around the 1900s and has had over a century for laws and regulations to be implemented agreed and tested etc. The same can’t be said for the internet and cloud storage. Laws are ambiguous and sometimes non-existent which leads to major frustration or stress for individuals or companies when something goes wrong or an unethical situation arises. An example would be torrenting websites. These are websites that host links to files which can be downloaded from one computer to another. A completely legal practice however these sites would be considered to aid in piracy and authorities would work to shut them down (e.g. the pirate bay). The same however, could be said for a search engine like google so the law is a bit hard to enforce. We as users of cloud computing and the providers must work together to use the service in an ethical manner. Of course there will always be individuals or groups with malicious intent, but that is why it’s important for everyone else to address these current issues and slowly work new laws into place to protect each other when using services that place our personal information in the hands of others.

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