The Animal Of The Zoo

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Many zoos around the world have captive breeding programs in which they take animals from the wild and breed them in captivity and the offspring of these species become the entertainment of the public. Seeing the new panda bear cub exhibit can bring major business to the zoos, but when the new set of cubs arrive what is to be done with the old cubs? When there is no profitable use or need for an animal in the zoo it is considered a surplus. Surplus animals, if they’re lucky, will be transferred to another program that need more of that particular species. Most of the time, however, the zoo will cull the extra animals. Also, when a zoo feels as though the social structure of an animal family is crumbling, many zoos will cull any extra babies or euthanize the troublemakers. It is considered Zoothansia. According to One Green Planet, “U.S. zoos favor the use of contraception to limit the number of unwanted pregnancies amongst animals, however in Europe, killing surplus animals is standard practice”. Recently, there was a very public culling of a giraffe names Marius in the Copenhagen Zoo. The zoo has determined that Marius’s traits were too common in the breeding pool he was in so he was considered useless. Marius, the 18 – month old giraffe, was culled in front of a group of students visiting the enclosure. This sent an uproar through the animal rights movements as well as the general public simply because the giraffe could have been transferred to another zoo rather than

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