The Apple Story

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The Apple Story

Prepared By: Brian Klochko

Prepared For: Dr. Dov Longu

Submission Date: Monday, February 24th 2014 Once solely regarded as a common handheld fruit, two unlikely visionaries changed the meaning of “Apple” forever. The corporate conglomerate that now manufactures and sells various electronic products such as computers, cell phones, tablets, music players, and computer accessories was once merely an idea two college dropouts had dreamt in their own garage. Apple stock currently trades at $544.45 (as of February 14th, 2014), with a net worth estimated at over $500 billion (Forbes) 4. Who started the company, how did they come about starting it, who were the main
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He was right. Although he may have been right, Jobs was fired from Apple in 1985. Without Steve Jobs, Apple started to trend down, and he rejoined the company in 1997 with a vision to bring it back to the top. He released a “think different” ad campaign, featuring pictures of Albert Einstein, John Lennon, and Thomas Edison that had one goal, to let people know the company still had a pulse. As copywriter Rob Siltanen said, “it got the Apple faithful stirred up, it got the fence-sitters back on board, and it got an audience that was lukewarm on Apple to think about the brand in a whole new way.”(CBC)4 Jobs had many visions and marketing schemes, but his two main philosophies are summarized by the following: “to follow the principles of human engineering to build “friendly” products whose simplicity and ease of use make them natural extensions of their owners, and to create a worldwide customer service organization to service retailers, distributors, and technical support centers, unmatched in the industry.” (Elliot)1 Of course Jobs had his shortcomings, as already mentioned, but his prowess for marketing and visions for building companies could not be denied. Once he had an idea in mind, he would not stop until it was done, meanwhile pushing not only his employees/co-workers but also himself to ensure the best product was put forth for the consumer. His revolutionary Super Bowl ad broke the plain of commercial advertising through broadcasting, which is obviously still
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