The Article ' Barriers Of A Surgical Safety Checklist

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The Article ‘Barriers to staff adoption of a surgical safety checklist’, by Fourcade et al. 2012, seeks to identify the many barriers which effect the implementation of a surgical checklist and to develop best use of strategies. The purpose of the article is to identify ways to improve factors which influence the successful implementation of the World Health Organisations (WHO), Surgical Safety Checklist (SSC). The article identifies that the use of the SSC implemented by WHO 2008, has become increasingly well-known and is associated with a substantial decrease in postoperative complications and mortality rates (Fourcade et al. 2011). The Authors point out that recently questions have been raised regarding the (SSC) and its true impact …show more content…

2012). This step relates to the (National Safety and Quality in Healthcare Service Standards, (NSQHS 2012). Standard five ‘Patient identification and Procedure Matching’ is a tool used to identify a patient and the matching of a patient to an intended treatment. The intention of this Standard is to ensure that consumers are correctly identified whenever care is provided and that they are correctly matched (NSQHS 2012). Risks to patient safety occur when there is a mismatch between a given patient and components of their care, whether those components are diagnostic, therapeutic or supportive (NSQHS). Failure in doing so the surgical team is at risk of overlooking this standard. The Australian College Of Operating Room Nurses (ACORN) Standards for Perioperative Nursing Australia 2016, ‘Accountability for practice standard’, principle 1.2 states the WHO SSC was ‘designed to improve the safety of surgical procedures’ & Principle 3.1 use the WHO checklist to identify patient risks preoperatively. The literature addressed in this review has confirmed that multiple factors impact on the successful implementation of the WHO SSC. Barriers of communication and the hierarchical nature of the operating theatre environment were to found to have detrimental effect on the completion of the time out and sign out components of the who checklist. Article Structure The article clearly presented a well-structured introduction and abstract which allowed for

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