The Artist And Their Modern Day Compatriots

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Everyone knows that the artists make the art, but what is it that actually makes art, art? Art is what it is marketed as. In the modern age, everything is subjective and consumerist... or at least it seems to be. As the world revolves more and more around the psyche of the individual, their ego, and the fragility of their perceptions, art has moved to match and respond to it. With an ever growing oppressive sphere of capitalist influence the meaning of art and its institutions becomes increasingly muddled. Hundreds of thousands of art students graduate from college each year, putting their work into the hat that is the modern artistic movement. So some big questions beg to be asked: What is art? What makes art, art? and What is the role of the artist and their modern day compatriots? Art bases itself largely in subjectivity and the artist’s personal views. As their fans look at and contemplate the art produced they find some sort of meaning in it, deriving from the piece their own thoughts and ideas that may or may not align with with the artist’s original intent, If the creator of the work says it is art, the piece is indeed a work of art, even if the art is horrible in craft and poorly executed in regards to content and idea, someone, somewhere is going to appreciate it. I hold a strong belief that there is no such thing as bad music, just music that I utterly loath and cannot stand. However, I understand that someone, somewhere thinks that the music in question is the
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