The Assigned Task Was To Determine What Job Or Graduate

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The assigned task was to determine what job or graduate program I may want to apply to based on my interests and qualifications. Through exploration and research, I found that JHHM and UMMC are the best options for my career aspirations. Both are great institutes for obtaining a job or getting accepted into a program, but I feel that JHHM is the right place for the job I would like, and UMMC has the best opportunity for my academic growth.
Job: Medical Assistant (MA)
Johns Hopkins Healthcare Medicine (JHHM) is one of the most reputable and diverse healthcare systems in medicine. Through its proficient healthcare practices and delivering the highest caliber of patient care, JHHM has been improving and maintaining the health of the …show more content…

The only unclear aspect of this application process is that I am not aware of who will be reviewing my application specifically. I assume it would be human resources at the Columbia office; however, there is no specific name listed.
Program: Graduate Program at University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC)
University of Maryland Medical Center is a teaching hospital that was established 1823 and has since become a high-quality facility that has fostered numerous promising doctors. UMMC is very heavily involved in the community, and all of its care providers have 7+ years experience in the field. As a teaching hospital, UMMC encourages students to become interns and shadow their doctors with 2 interns per rotation so they get a substantial amount of one on one training.
The specific master’s program that I am looking to apply for specialized in stem cell research. The program coordinator, Linda Frank, and Department director, Frank Margolis, are my target audience to whom I must appeal and convince that I would be a great addition to their program. To apply, I must have taken my GRE, give an official transcript of my undergraduate career, and to provide 3 letters of recommendation. The requirements to fulfill this degree include completing 30 credits from the course selection,

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