The Association For Library Collections & Technical Services

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The Association For Library Collections & Technical Services – Review & Evaluation
The Association For Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) is an organization that is dedicated to education, cooperation and information sharing of matters relating to the technical services field of library and information science. They produced and published a quarterly publication, Library Resources & Technical Services. ALCTS also provides web course, webinars, and online discussion for both members and non-members.
Mission of ALCTS
The ALCTS is an organization within the American Library Association that is dedicated to the technical services of a library. The mission of ALCTS (Association for Library Collections & Technical Services) is “to shape and respond nimbly to all matters related to the selection, identification, acquisition, organization, management, retrieval, and preservation of recorded knowledge through education, publication, and collaboration.” ("Mission & History"). The ALCTS original began in 1957 and was known at the time as Resources and Technical Services Division (RTSD). Today the ALCTS has over 4,000 members from across the world, who are devoted to the technical services within libraries ("About Us"). The purpose of the ALCTS is to educate, advice, and inform members of the technical services field about changes and practices within the field ("About Us").
Organizational Activities
Every year the ALCTS is a participant at the annual ALA conference

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