The Athlete Relationship Between Athletes And Athletes

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Mental Coach Sports are generally stereotyped as physical activities that require little to no cognitive abilities, but this could not be further from the truth. Sports are extremely mentally driven, and the psychological maturity of an athlete greatly influences their physical performance. These athletes’ coaches play a key role in not only strengthening the physical component of their game, but also the mental maturation within their chosen sport. Many researchers have studied how the coach affects the athlete on a psychological level, but one of the most prominent studies is, “The Association Between the Perceived Coach-Athlete Relationship and Athletes’ Basic Psychological Needs” by Hunhyuk Choi, Seongkwan Cho, and Jinyoung Huh. This study would appeal to a vast majority of the population, but would specifically intrigue both current, and future collegiate-level athletes, and coaches. It would inform both parties of their role within the Coach-Athlete-Relationship (CAR), and what a healthy CAR should both mimic and produce. This matter would also be of interest to anyone working in positions of authority over both the athletes, and the coaches. This could be parents, athletic directors, psychologists, department directors, or psychiatrists to name a few. All of these people holding leadership roles should know how the CAR will affect the athletes on both a physical and psychological level. This study shows that the CAR impacts every area of the athletes’ loves including

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