Essay on The Atkins Diet: A True Diet Revolution

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In a society where ones’ pants size measures their self worth, it is no wonder why fad diets, have taken over in the struggle to lose weight. Over the past few decades, Hollywood has painted an unattainable image of the perfect body. Although many celebrities' physical appearance may appear healthy, the measures taken to obtain their body shape can cause numerous health risks. It seems as though, every time people turn on their television, or flip through a magazine, there is a new diet claiming to “melt away” the pounds. Many of these "miracle diets" do take off weight- temporarily. But which diets really work in the long hual? The definition of diets is, regulated selections of foods, specially designed and prescribed for…show more content…
The answer is ketosis. When following a low-carbohydrate diet, people force their bodies into a ketogenic state, forcing them to burn stored fat. Once a person begins the Atkins’ diet, the high consumption of protein, will cause the insulin levels to become normal. At this point, the body will then begin to release ketones. These ketones, will then be released through a persons breath or urine, and is proof that their body is burning stored fat (Dr. Atkins’ 52-54). Before beginning the Atkins’ diet, there are a few pre-diet steps. The first step is discontinuing the use of any unnecessary medications. It is also advised, that people schedule an appointment with their primary care physician. The purpose of this is to inform them of their overall health, prior to starting the diet. Through obtaining their cholesterol, triglyceride, glucose and insulin levels, people can measure their success in future medical check-ups ( Dr. Atkins’ 72-74). Once the proper medical precautions have taken place, people can begin what is known as the 14-day induction diet. The rules of the induction diet, although difficult to adjust to at first, are quite simple. The diet allows for no more than 20grams of carbohydrates per day. However, the carbohydrates must come from green vegetables, such as salad and asparagus. The diet does not allow any of the following: bread, pasta, fruit, grains or sugar. Even the most miniscule amounts of these foods during the

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