The Attitude Toward The Publication Of Ugc

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In terms of the attitude toward the publication of UGC, this dissertation begins by reviewing publication in print. There were 340 community newspaper website managers who answered the question about the importance generally of publishing UGC. Of those 134, 39.4% of respondents stated publishing UGC was very important, 117, which represents 34.4% stated it was important, only 3 respondents stated that it was unimportant to allow the public the opportunity to submit UGC. Overall, there were 30 respondents, 8.8%, who believed it is somewhat to very unimportant to publish UGC in print (see table 1). As it relates to photography, community newspaper website managers believed it was more important to allow the public to submit photographs, 150 …show more content…

These descriptive statistics provide a baseline to show attitude toward UGC and offer a line of comparison for answering RQ9, which seeks to explain the difference in attitude of community newspaper website managers toward publishing UGC online. The descriptive data shows a slightly different story when it comes to how important community newspaper website managers consider publishing UGC online. When these managers answered generally about the importance of publishing UGC online there were 100 respondents, 30.7%, who consider it somewhat important to publish UGC online. A total of 232, 71.2%, consider it at least somewhat important to publish UGC online. There were 94 respondents, 28.8%, who considered it at least somewhat unimportant to publish UGC online. This is more than three times the percentage of respondents who had something representing a negative attitude toward the overall importance of publishing of UGC in print. The trend toward a more negative attitude toward publishing UGC online continued in terms of UGC photography. The largest number of respondents 100, 30.4%, stated it was important to publish UGC photography online. Overall, 252 respondents, 76.6%, of respondents possess a positive attitude toward the publication of UGC photography online. Meanwhile, 77 respondents, 23.4%, considered the publication of UGC photography online somewhat unimportant or less. In this instance, the respondents again were nearly three times as

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