The Aviation Industry Of China

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AVIA3101 Individual Assignment
Si Yat PONG (z3440479)
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The aviation industry of China began for around half a century. As a developing country, the economy of China has a massive increase, but the strictly controlled airspace and complicated regulation limited the growth of China Aviation. Recently, new measures such as more efficient airspace approval process, have improved the situation and giving hope that the market will rise. In fact, the market has rapidly increased. As the China government giving ways to develop the aviation industry, more and more have negotiated increased capacity with China, Australia is one of them.
In the past 10 years, the demand of travelling between Australia and China keep increasing at a high rate, especially after 2009 (fig 1) [International Airline Activity—Time Series. 2015]. Due to the rise in demand, major airlines such as Qantas China Eastern and China Southern have a massive expansion in terms of no. of flights and route network. With annual passengers of around 850k, China has become a key source market for Australia. Airports are also trying to attract Chinese travelers. For example, in Sydney airport every Chinese New Year, Terminal 1 would celebrate with Chinese-Themed declaration, launching simplified Chinese site and deployed Chinese-speaking Ambassadors to assist Chinese customers in Terminal 1. China aviation industry is absolutely one of the largest and fastest growing economies. (fig 1)

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