The Basic And Most Important Human Rights

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Moriah Reed
Date: 2/20/17

Among the basic and most important human rights is the right to proper and quality health services. There are records of deadly diseases which could wipe out the entire civilization in the absence of competitive and proper health care services. Diseases such as Ebola and cancer have killed so many people. Therefore, to fight such deadly diseases, there is dire need to revisit the healthcare settings, policies, technology, medical advancement, and many other factors attached to the whole healthcare unit. However, modern healthcare has long overemphasized curative medicine and ignored preventive medicine and health encouragement. Nearly two decades ago in Germany, records from …show more content…

Cardiovascular diseases also, cause about half of all deaths, followed by cancer, which accounts for about one-quarter of deaths in the universe today. Another alarming health problem was the acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). It is indiscriminative of age, gender, religion, race or social classes. Millions of people have lost their families and friends through this deadly disease. Even so, contemporary medicine has basically eradicated traditional threats to health such as tuberculosis, diphtheria, and pneumonia. Consequently, remarkable improvements are also seen in other areas, such as infant and maternal mortality rates.
However, other than medication and treatment of diseases, there are numerous challenges facing the health care system in Germany that would require immediate address. Germany 's doctors are aging. About forty five percent of the doctors are above fifty years old and there is smaller number of young doctors to take their place. This is because the populace as a whole is aging even as many of Germany 's young medical personnel leave the country, eager to be paid higher salary in foreign counties such as Switzerland. The scarcity is in turn creating a big prospect for overseas doctors, drawn by higher wages and greater profession opportunities to help fill the space. It is a regular occurrence across Europe, as migrant doctors flow in from the south

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