The Battle Of The Cold War

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Eureka! while thinking about the Cold War amidst research, it all hit me, this war draws its beginning and end from an extremely similar yet reciprocal process. The means through which the war ended were based strongly around the Power of the United States and the USSR. Only through the loss of power by either nation could the war hope to come to an end, and to that end, came my full understanding of how everything came full circle. In this paper, I will illustrate the Irony behind the birth and end of the Cold War, as well as my thoughts as to why the way it ended was necessary given the nature of the unstable times. The Soviet government in the beginning of the war had planned to stand behind the protection of the Iron Curtain in eastern Europe. As discussed in class and in recitation, Soviet leaders planned on waiting out the war as they watched Capitalism spread like a disease through the world, ultimately to fail and have Soviet leaders emerge to guide the people into a new era governed by communist principles (One Europe or Two). The two opposing principles of capitalism and communism competing against one hinted that one had to prevail between the two. Perhaps Soviet leaders had not realized what the deliberations and reforms of the SALT conferences in the 70s and 80s created. And yet when the countries that composed the Eastern bloc enjoyed the freedoms that Glasnost and Perestroika granted by Gorbachev in the mid 80s (The End), they could not give up to follow a

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