The Bauhaus Interior Design

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When the Bauhaus was shut down during the Nazi regime, the artists who had been a part of this exclusive experiment were forever changed and they carried their new setting of reference with them to their new homes as they spread across Europe and the United States. Most of them settled in the States where they changed the landscape of its greatest cities both inside and out, through their own ideas and the inspirations. The Bauhaus had a big impact on everything. They affected everything from black, white and grey color schemes with a singular red or yellow wall, to letterings; to the tallest buildings in America and many more and the New York City had its towering steel and glass skyscrapers with the idealism and creativity of the Bauhaus …show more content…

The works included textiles, interior designing, space planning, furniture designing. Bauhaus style of interior designing has been the most popular since the early 20th Century and has had an immense influence in the interior styling world-wide. (Back to Bauhaus:
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The philosophy of Bauhaus interior design is that it should contain and combine both form and function. The Bauhaus interior designs avoids excessive accessories and decorative elements that we see in many other styles. It has clean-lined designs, function before forms, minimal use of textures and asymmetrical balance in furniture and layout. The Bauhaus style is known for its ability to maximize space and make the impression that a room is bigger than is actually is, thus play with your eyes.

Another key feature of the Bauhaus design styles include minimal textures and bold geometric forms, neutral colors emphasized with a single bold color along with polished finishes and asymmetrical balances. (Interior design styles, Online Design …show more content…

The common subject found in all of the products that were made is that they can be easily formed or produced, and also can be relatively basic in their look. This was a massive contrast from other products that were on the market at that time, which were often very decorative and luxurious. (Why was the Bauhaus Movement so Important for Modern Architecture?

The Bauhaus had the purpose of making an 'International Style' by using shapes and colors that were easily replicated, and were unlikely to cause felony to other faiths or cultures. In every single modern building, there are two characteristic options that an architect can choose when designing a scheme for their client. That is to play it safe and replicate one of the other hundreds of modernist buildings that are dotted around cities such as in London and New York.

The house shown below has a bold use of the exterior shape and also the lines of wood continuing through the glass to the inside. If they had rendered the walls and painted them white the effect would not have been there at all. (Why was the Bauhaus Movement so Important for Modern Architecture?

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