The Beautiful World In France

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Organ music rose to offer accompaniment as Lawrence led the assembly into song and into receiving their healing. They stood to their feet and raised their arms in the air as a sign of acceptance while joining their voices to present a melody of hymns. By this time, British government leaders watching did not know if he was a saint or devil and could not decide to kill him or praise him. The healing service went on into the late hours, as did the singing and praising of God. Outside the assembly, Big Ben continued to toll, becoming entrenched in fog, obscuring the true shape of the city so that no one would suspect a fitting was being made for a nation's death shroud. Two days later, Lawrence and his staff members arrived in Paris, the…show more content…
In the distance, dark clouds of unknown origin were thickening as a black curse covered the continent. As for the government, the preparation they made for the healing service was to remain invisible fearing giving Emmanuel an excuse to encroach on them as done to Venezuela and Ecuador. Canada came into the news when it was learned they delivered their flag to Utopia and offered to concede their country in the hope the plagues of rats and the like would be removed. The flag of Canada was accepted and placed in a pile with the flags of Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador. Come the evening of the event, all France held attention to the soon-to-start miracle service. Like the others, it too was to be televised live across the country. As the final moment arrived, viewers were being treated to the nervous excitement being formed outside the assembly. Sidewalks were swelling with the overflow from groups belonging to conventional Christian churches who came to demonstrate as an act of defiance. Helmeted riot police stood at the ready, shoulder to shoulder, with attack dogs and tear gas in open display as a sign of strength. The chanting and jeers would start and stop at the direction of no one leader. Demonstrators were confident God looked on them with favor as He does to anyone who upholds the truth. As far as the crowd was concerned, they were pure of heart and planned to remain unspoiled by any deceiving doctrine. Lawrence's
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