Beck Depression Inventory-II By Aaron T. Beck

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I. General Information The psychological test that will be explored, analyzed, and critiqued is the Beck Depression Inventory- II, which was originally published by Aaron T. Beck in 1961. This test has undergone many revisions and the most recent version was published in 1996 by Robert A. Steer and Gregory K. Brown and is the version that will be employed and critiqued. As of recently the test on average costs $75 for 25 record forms and a manual that aids in interpreting the test, which can be purchased through third-party assessment clinics (Beck et al., 1989). The test is usually administered in person although, considering the Internet has been pivotal in the spread of knowledge, the test is also offered online. II. Test Description The Beck Depression Inventory-II is an empirical self-reported questionnaire that uses the patient’s answers to better identify the reason for depressive behaviors. This questionnaire is constructed with one-dimensional questions although it is common for multidimensional questions to be asked in an interview after the questionnaire has been completed. The BDI-II is geared towards identifying those with the existence of depressive symptoms such as eating habits, body image, sexual tendencies, etc. and the degree of such behaviors which could lead to a more accurate and clear diagnosis of depression or other mental disorder that contain depressive behaviors. This psychological test is usually administered to those between the ages of 13-70,

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