The Beliefs Of Religion In Christianity, Judaism, And Islam

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War and terrorist bombings, attacks and crusades: these conflicts are all over three main regions whose religious text that hold a similar idea? The Bible, The Torah, and the Koran share similar ideas about religion; however, they seem so...antipode. If they are so similar, why not accept their differences and peacefully coexist? Humans always feel the need for their daemon to be on top; one alpha, one god. Christianity, Judaism and Islam pronounces that their “god” is supreme to all other gods of different religions; in some cases they even claim there is only one god. The Torah, the Bible and the Quran all share similar works and scriptures in their own religious texts. Monotheism is the belief that there is only one god; Christianity, Judaism and Islam all share that belief that their god is the only god. Islam’s “god” is allocated the name “Allah”;
“Allah” is a word that had been used before Islam was formed. Christianity and Judaism share the belief that Jesus was a real person; however, Christianity believes that Jesus is the Messiah but Judaism believes that he is not. All three of these religions believe that their god is the only god; which religion is right if there can be only one god? “Who among the gods is like you, lord?” this quote is found in the Torah and the Old Testament from the bible both in Exodus 15:11. Credence that there is only one god is a wide concept across the subject of the religion; of course, this is just a belief and manifesting the

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