The Benefits Of College Education

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Every year more and more college graduates become thousands of dollars in debt. A good education is required for almost every decent job but how is one to obtain an education at such high costs. These high prices make it harder for anyone who has a low income to afford to attend. Education should be obtainable for all, not just those who are wealthy. There are people e in this world who would do anything for a chance to go to school and be able to learn but because of high tuition they won't have the same opportunities that others who are lucky enough to go have.
High costs segregate the poor from the rich. People with money have the advantage because they don't exactly have to worry about being in debt or whether they will have enough …show more content…

Everyone is required to go to school in order to get a job and after high school education is no longer free. To further your education after high school one must attend a college which has to be paid for and from there you have to get a job just to be able to eventually begin an adult life. For a majority going to college is not an option. Those who are not able to go to college, will most likely end up having to get a low paying job and have to live a life where they will have to struggle.
College costs are still on the rise. Over the years the price has risen drastically. Back then school didn't cost as much as it does now. In the article “The Argument for Tuition-Free College”, by Keith Ellison, it is stated that “The cost of attending a four-year college has increased by 1,122 percent since 1978.” With that in mind, it is easy to see how unaffordable it may be some people. From a personal experience, I know that some students will spend 10-15 years or more of their life trying to pay off their student loans. Davidson says,”At the same time, debt from student loans has become the largest form of personal debt in America—bigger than credit card debt and auto loans.” Debt makes it hard for someone to begin a life of their own after college.
On the other hand, some believe that the high cost is necessary. There are many things to consider when working towards free college. If it was free then taxes would be raised, getting into colleges would be

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