The Benefits Of Intercultural Marriage

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Intercultural marriage is beneficial In the process of globalization, China’s economic and cultural exchanges with other nations are on the rise. The Intercultural marriage has become the new but inevitable social phenomenon. Because of the different cultural background, the different living environment and language are differences. Most people think that intercultural marriage will not permanently. However, many other people hold the view that Intercultural marriage is the product of economic globalization, and it’s also an inevitable social trend, and which is beneficial rather than harmful. I am in favor of the latter and believe that Intercultural marriage will have more advantages than disadvantages. Those who are the Intercultural marriage argue that the Intercultural marriage will bring about serious consequences. According to the relevant media reported online: the Intercultural marriage is not for …show more content…

However, we should believe that Intercultural marriage must be beneficial since the Intercultural marriage is the inevitable product of the development of countries. Firstly, Intercultural marriage can promote knowing about different cultures and customs. “Age is not a problem, height is not a distance.” Dates show that older men and younger women were happier than younger couples of the same age in Intercultural marriage. I believe that when you choose the foreigner as your life partner, you have already ready to accept the cultural differences and different customs. Secondly, you can immigrate into anther country and live together. As we all know, if you choose Intercultural marriage, then you family will not be very poor. If your family is so poor, as a traditional Chinese will not easily choose to a foreigner as the other half of your life. And if you choose to immigrate, and live with other foreigners, you will know something about that country which you move to, not to mention the partner of

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