The Benefits Of Mobile Business

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Mobile business allows mobility in customer consumption of entertainment, banking, ticketing, and payments (Baltzan, 2012). Examples of mobile applications in the travel industry includes Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Kayak, and PayByPhone. Seric, Saura, and Pranicevic (2016) argued that businesses should have mobile applications linked to their websites, and any order booking system should include mcommerce to stimulate online sales. However, mobile content needs to be real-time to be of value to customers and mobile applications need to be compatible with changes in the market and social trends (Sava, & Mateia, 2016). According to Kazienko, Szozda, Filipowski, and Blysz (2013), large companies integrate their customer relationship management …show more content…

Examples of innovative uses of Web 3.0 are the new 3D camera for capturing 3D images for sharing and virtual reality viewing, and the open ID for authenticating across different application systems, useful in customer activity tracking and enabling loyalty program (Brady, 2017). Question 7: Five ways Google Docs speeds up collaboration. Google Docs wants users to skip Microsoft Office and collaborate with their group members using the browser for free in a virtual environment. Five ways the new Google Docs help increase efficiency for virtual teams. Due to progress in information communication technologies, knowledge workers are given flexibility in the way they work, such as telework or home office, while building a high-performing virtual team is especially important to companies in high-tech industry (Merdzhanovska, 2016; Robbins, Judge, Millett, & Boyle, 2013). Browne et’ al. (2016) argued that the key drivers of a virtual team’s project progress are effective collaboration and communication, which include establishing a detailed project plan and a reliable communication method for each team member. Google Docs provides the following features that increase the effectiveness of the project manager and team members. First, one can write, edit, and collaborate from any location, using any device of one’s choice. Second, the smart editing and styling tools, as well as the numerous fonts, helps one to format the

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