The Benefits of a Psychological Contract Essay examples

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INTRODUCTION Psychological contract is expectations of an employee or workforce towards employer that somewhat loosely refers to the actual. It represents basic senses that are obligations, rights, and also rewards ( An obligation is a duty of employee of their task. The employee must know their task and do it effectively. Everyone have their right, employees also have it. So the employees and employers must know their right. While reward is one of the powerful influences on individual performance is an organization’s reward system (Miguel 2011:18). By the rewards it will make the employee feel motivate to do the job. By this psychological contract we will specifies what we can offer to employer and we…show more content…
The writer will give a full loyalty to the employer and also in an organization. For example, the writer will not complaining to the outsider about any dissatisfied with the company if the writer had any problem with management of organization or with the employer and the writer will try to discuss with the employer or anyone that relate about the problem and try to find the solution without make chaos in the organization. The writer also promise that will not seek a job in elsewhere as long as needed in the company and as long as the writer can cope with the employer about his work method and he also can accept the style of the writer work and can tolerate with her. Moreover, the writer will give full commitment with the every task that given to her and also when everyone communicate with her to make sure that the writer not missing any important detail. Besides give a full loyalty to the company, the writer also will be honest to the employer because it important to establish and develop good relationship with employer and another co-workers. An honest employee is extremely valuable to businesses because one of the biggest problems in the organization is dishonest employees. Honesty involves telling the truth in all work matters. The writer will never lie on job application, timesheets, or expenses statements. For example,
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