The Best Practices For College Recruiting

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Since I have contacts at FCA, I asked them if they wouldn’t mind sharing with me with information on their College Recruiting focus. They ended up e-mailing information on why it’s important to maintain a corporate presence on campus, and what information they present at college campus visits and student events. Also as part of this paper, I’ll benchmark some of the best practices for college recruiting and since I’ve been applying for positions at other companies I’ll provide some insight into their new hire focus.
Overall, employers are looking for the best college students to hire, building relationships, and maintain a corporate presence on campus with colleges/universities. College recruiting is competitive and there are so many colleges/universities across the world. Many of them do corporations and business focus on hire the employees and leaders of the future. As students apply for positions, they would appreciate understanding what career areas the company can provide, what products / services they deliver to consumers, their culture, are they a global company, and career development. Having a campus relationship is a win the colleges/universities and for the businesses as they search to hire the best employees to meet their business process needs. FCA business model provides employees with numerous career areas from Finance, Engineering, Product Development, Design, Sales, Dealership Network Development, and Supply Chain Management. As part this topics
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