The Bible And Divine Communication In The Bible

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Divine communication: the contact between a higher power and a mortal. This is a constant theme in many works of literature throughout the ages. Divine communication comes in many forms such as oracles, prophets and direct communication with God. In the Bible, mortals often have direct contact with God, who is seen as a father figure. In contrast, divine communication in Oedipus the King comes in the form of oracles and prophets, which are seen as an abstract entity. While both God and the Oracles have the same intent of guiding and advising those involved, individuals were more apt to listen to divine communication in the Bible because it derived from a fatherly figure while individuals tended to reject divine intervention in Oedipus the King because it came from an abstract source.
The Bible, which is the most sacred text in the Christian religion, has many occurrences of individuals communicating with God. In each example of contact, divine communication seeks to help individuals worship God. In the very beginning of Genesis, the creation of life. In the second creation story God says to Eve “you shall not eat of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, neither shall you touch it, lest you die”(Genesis 3:3). Here, God is warning Adam and Eve of the dangers that surround them in the Garden of Eden and the precautions they must take. This proves the goal God's contact with humans on earth is to benefit them rather than hurt them. Rather than leaving Adam
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