The Big Five Personality Theory

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Psychology refers to the study of the human mind, behaviors associated with it and the humanistic behavior of man in any given context. The primary goal of psychology is to gain a true knowledge and understanding of how and why individuals of all ages and genders behave the way they do. A popular worldwide theory is called The Big Five Personality Theory. This world-renowned theory of understanding ones personality traits has been revolutionary towards understanding the minds of people all over the world and from all backgrounds. The Big Five Personality Theory is based on five main traits which include neuroticism, agreeableness, extroversion, openness and conscientiousness. These five traits are necessary as they make up ones personality composition. These five “big” personality traits are often referred to using the acronym “OCEAN”. (Measuring, 2015) For decades, people have tried to determine how many personality traits actually exist and can be recorded. No matter the speculation, the big five (neuroticism, agreeableness, extroversion, openness and conscientiousness) remain concrete. Extroversion is a trait that has broad scope due to its predominantly social aspect. Individuals, who are categorized as extroverts, often are viewed as being very talkative and more concerned with the environment around them rather than with their own thoughts, feelings, and personal environment. People who fall low on the extroversion scale are considered introverts, the counterpart to

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