The Biological Basis Of Human Lactase

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Milk is very important to all societies, the different varieties in milk gives the opportunity for others to have the ability to gain drink milk. But, scientist now want to try and figure out why some humans can’t digest milk while others can. The scientific research that has been done in order to explain the biological basis of human lactase is archaeological and genetics. Archaeologist examined pottery shards in order to grasp what the animals where actually consuming indicating where the proteins came from. Other scientists did field work with both Africans and Europeans that either had experiences raising a cattle or did not have experiences with cattle in order to show that human lactase is genetic. In order to show and or to further explain the biological basis of human lactase I will first discuss who can actually drink milk, the history of both Europeans and Africans. Next, I will discuss the values of both plant domestication and animal domestication. I will then talk about where cattle’s get their vitamins from and lastly I will discuss the value of milk, as well as how it benefited other people.
According to the article “Ancient DNA Solves milk mystery written by Erika Check, the people who can easily consume milk are those that were a part of the African and European culture. The reason being is because they were one of the first groups of people who started to raise cows and other animals that could produce milk. This means that Africans and Europeans are the
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