The Biological Factors That Make Men And Women Act Essay

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It must first be established that the people in our society are given an ascribed status as soon as they are born; this status being either male or female. From these sex statuses sprouts gender statuses known as men and women. We are then thought to be socialized differently depending on our status as a man or a woman. We are also thought to have different biological features than our opposite sex/gender. In this study, we will delve into what makes us unique. Are we simply socialized differently or are there underlying biological factors that make men and women act differently? Do we have different behaviors, thoughts, and feelings because of our upbringing or because of predisposed biological factors? My hypothesis is that men and women’s gender socialization is inhibited by the biological process that produces natural behavior predilections. To begin, we will discuss the genetics aspect of behavior. In the late 1800s, Sir Francis Galton conducted an experiment that resulted in shocking findings. In Galton’s study, it was found, rather consistently, that genetics influenced almost every aspect of human behavior, personality, emotions, and temperament (Hamer 1). In the same study, Galton stated that almost all characteristics and behaviors were attributed to genes except learned traits, such as language. However, current research has been inconsistent. Researchers have been trying to correlate certain strains of DNA to personality traits or certain behaviors and have

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