The Black Beast: A Narrative Fiction

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V.Q. looked out the window emotionless. His body locked in a state of suspended animation. Ryan continued to fire at the zombies from the bridge. The sound of the shotguns blasting beginning to shake V.Q. out of the somnambulist trance. He looked for the truck’s keys which Johnny had thrown to him before slamming the door shut. Peering around he found them lying on the floor. V.Q. snatched them up as quickly as he could and then struggled to find the ignition key. An infected man started to bang on the window, trying to force his way inside. V.Q. tried desperately not to look at his jaundice slacking face. While shaking uncontrollably, he managed to insert the correct key into the ignition. Brown and black spittle flung …show more content…

slammed the shifter into reverse, cocked the wheel to his left, and stomped his foot down on the accelerator. The truck’s rear wheels spun to life, squealing and smoking as they struggled to grip the road. V.Q. let off the gas slightly, allowing the wheels to bite and take hold of the pavement. The Black Beast lunged backwards, striking several zombies. The dead man that had stood at V.Q.’s window was struck by the truck’s side mirror, shattering it in its frame. He then tumbled to the pavement after being bulled over. The truck then continued on plowing its way through the horde, slamming into two women with its tailgate. Falling down, one of them became pinned underneath the truck’s bumper. Her head bouncing off of the tarmac with such force that it instantly silenced her. Her corpse then got clogged under the rear wheels of the truck causing the pickup to ride up on her like a speed bump. The Black Beast then came slamming back down when she was spit out from …show more content…

having not angled the truck in a tight enough turn, struck Ruby with its rear fender, popping the van’s headlamp and directional that had already been damaged when Lovienthal struck an infected man back in town. V.Q. pressed the truck’s accelerator to the floor, and the powerful vehicle began shoving Ruby out of the way as their fenders grinded against each other. Red and black paint coalescing. Ruby tilted and began to ride up onto the back bumper of the Black Beast as the truck surged forward in reverse. As the Black Beast slowly grinded past, Ruby came back down to rest several adjacent feet away from where she had sat previously. V.Q. struggled to correct the steering wheel as he navigated the truck through undead legions of zombies that by now had clogged up the roadway. The truck ripped through the zombies as it sped away in reverse, its rebel flag waving backwards in the air. Gaining power and momentum it sent the infected flying into the air like popcorn kernels exploding off a hot

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