The Black Feminist Art Of A Mainstream Gallery Or Museum

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Regardless of the difficulty, these artists have what it seemed as a successful art career. What is clear, the need to exhibit in a mainstream gallery or museum is not a priority, being consistence and creating a network is important. I do not believe any of these artists would turn away an exhibit in a mainstream gallery or museum. There is a great difference in the support network system in the 1970’s than today. For Picket and Washington there were black art organizations, which helped them enter the art world and in their personal life. There was a personal mentorship during the Black Feminist Art Movement that is not seen with artists today. I believe after the 1980’ the Black Feminist Art Movement started to slowly dismantle into more individual concerns. There is definitely a gap worth researching between the 1990’s to the present with the absent of the Black Feminist Art Movement. The two married artist Seneferu and Butler have very supportive husbands. Pickett and Washington already have a long established support system. James did not mention whether her marital status has any effect on her art career. One thing these five artists concurred, being a successful black female artist was about your connections and not always your race or sex. Still, the purpose of this research is not how successful black female artist are in their career, but rather it is about the deliberate exclusion from mainstream galleries and museums based on their sex and race. All of the
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