The Board Of Directors And Management

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I. Introduction
The board of directors and management in companies respectively constitute a fatal role to control issues within a company so as to face the internationalization of real and financial markets that ease the boundaries of the business world and increase the corporation ‘s complexity and risks. While the responsibilities of senior management is to control the day-to-day business affairs to ensure the implementation of the strategies approved by the board, directors control the direction and goal of the company as well as establish the limits of management behaviour against management misconduct. In that respect, making a proper and explicit distinction between the function or duties of directors and senior management is an important and effective compliance and risk-allocation mechanism. This report shows the improvement of corresponding responsibilities of the board and management by analysing the development of court view from 1990s to 2010s. This is vital not only for the comprehension of the corporate behaviour but also for the policy-making regarding the regulation of business activities. A formal analysis and distinguish of the role of the board and management will contribute to any corporation as well as for the market.

Part 1
II. The 1990s court 's view on Board structure, positions, functions and duties: Summarise the judgment of the court in AWA Ltd v Daniels (1992) 7 ACSR 759 at pp 865-869 (500 words) especially in relation to…
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