The Bombing Of Pearl Harbor

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The bombings of American battleships at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii by the Japanese in 1941 led the United States into multiple wars that were underway in Asia and then later in Europe for almost a decade. In 1931 the Imperial Army of Japan started a program of expansion and conquest that eventually reached from the far north of China down to the tropical jungles of Indochina. The United States were always against the aggressiveness of Japan’s military. A couple years later in 1933, Adolf Hitler gained dictatorial power in Germany and was determined to rebuild his country. He decided that this would require the elimination of the Jews, to which he referred to as “parasites”, of the nation. He also decided to put any “inferior human materials”, …show more content…

Britain, The United States, and Soviet Russia would become the nucleus of the fifty-nation Grand Alliance, which would later force the Axis to surrender. The war reached its peak when the discovery of Nazi death camps where six million Jews and millions of Slavs had perished was made, also with the dropping of atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the United States. The war transformed America as well as the rest of the world. Great Britain and France witnessed the fall of their overseas empires. The Soviet Union gained control of nations that had been traditionally hostile to it. They also used the liberation of Central Europe from the Nazis to create a new security zone. The United States, who entered both wars late, became the most powerful and wealthy nation on earth after the war. The United States were blessed with the opportunity and burdened with the responsibility of restructuring world politics, repairing the economy of the world, and preventing any future wars. The Grand Alliance created an organization known as the United Nations, which would mediate all subsequent conflicts. The primary documents offer a good insight to the subject matter of World War II because it reflects the global character of the world. Even though the people were thousands of miles away from the United States, what they said and did mattered

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