The Book One World Many Cultures

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Everyone has had a moment where they think, maybe I should have said something to stand up for myself. There are some moments when it is very hard to stand up for yourself because it may be dangerous or simply not be the time to say something back. Either way, these situations go, people should stand up for themselves and defend whatever prejudice comes their way. The book One World Many Cultures is a collection of essays. All of the essays involve different cultures and sets of groups. In some of the essays the authors explain times that they stood up for themselves in order to make a change. Sometimes it can be speaking up for a group of people to create a difference. I believe the same thing that some these authors believe. People should stand up for themselves because it is a good way to change and prevent it from happening again. I have always spoken up for myself, no matter what. Whether I am defending myself or to voice my opinion. Sometimes I stand up for myself a little too much and I am perceived as trying to attack the person back. I have stood up for myself ever since I was little, how my tone was always respectful. I was taught to fight with respect because treating people the way you want to be treated can actually go a really long way. In one of the essays in One World Many Cultures a Latin woman is being stereotyped due her clothes. At one point in the essay the author was listening to a very offensive performance. After the performance was over the author
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