The Bosnian Conflict

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Writing and film are both very common ways of representing conflict and genocide, each offer their own advantages and disadvantages. A film is able to show accurate physical imagery that allows us to see things that our mind might not have the capability of creating on its own. A film is also able to relay much more in a shorter span of time. Something that takes five pages to explain in writing can be represented in just five second of film. A piece of writing can give us a deeper perspective on almost anything, as there is no limit on the amount of detail one can put into a single page. Through writing, a reader is also able to comprehend and store a lot more information than they would just watching a film. Though each are ideal representations of the Bosnian conflict and genocide, the writing and the film combined are much more effective.
The writings and the film worked together to create a full picture of the geography, the people, and the world that the muslims were forced to live in. The film, “Srebrenica: A Cry from the Grave” offered many visual aids to the things the mind is trying to create while reading the Vuillamy chapter, “The Camps, Echoes of the Reich” and the Gutman article, “Death Camps: Survivors Tell of Captivity, Mass Slaughter in Bosnia”. The film showed multiple images of the …show more content…

The film offers these short images, and the written work gives the details; the little bit of food they were offered, the day-to-day activity, things that a film isn't able to spend a lot of time on. As a 22 year old college student living in Waterloo, Iowa, able to eat, move around and even breathe as I please, the Bosnian conflict would be impossible for me to understand. Without the film, I couldn't imagine these events without seeing them. Without the written work, I couldn't interpret what I was seeing in the

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