The Bravery of Minerva in In The Time of The Butterflies by Julia Alvarez

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Minerva Mirabal was a bratty know-it-all that was hellbent on changing the world in some way or another. She was naive and impulsive, but she meant well. But was she the shining light in a dark time that so many people see her to be? According to In The Time of The Butterflies by Julia Alvarez, yes. She was a heroine in a small, yet meaningful, way. She had the bravery to go toe-to-toe with Trujillo, was quite willing to break the law, and wanted nothing more than to get involved with and involve others in the revolution. To begin with, Minerva Mirabal was certainly a brave and courageous individual.; and she made sure people knew it. But was this merely a mask to cover a cowardly personality? Though she had her flaws, it's …show more content…

This may seem trivial, but it can add a whole new layer to Minerva. She isn't the type to JUST do big flashy illegal things to show everyone how radical she is. She's willing to break the law to get away from the indoctrination of Trujillo and listen to indoctrination from someone else. Like Castro! She becomes a supporter of Castro! He must have been charming. No way that could go wrong. Never. As said by Lio, "I was hoping to give this to Minerva," (55). Lio, a fellow revolutionary, had one request before he went into hiding (for reasons that will be discussed later). He left a letter asking Minerva to accompany him into exile. If it had ever reached her, whether she said yes or no, she would be considered a collaborator." Mariposa," stated Mate, (94). After beating around the bush, Minerva finally took the plunge and joined the revolution, thus making her a terrorist in the eye of the regime. Codename: Butterfly. Intimidation at it's finest. Not content with petty crime, Minerva's plunge into a life of terrorism was expected. Having finally become a member of a group that tried to make a difference, Minerva was set on changing the government. And she was willing to make some friends along the way. Criminal she may be, but no one ever accused Minerva Mirabal of being antisocial. Minerva was

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