The Breaking Bad Series

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Life is not fair for Jesse Pinkman, a 25-year-old man who is long estranged with his family. In the Breaking Bad series, Jesse is thought to be what society would call a low-life (Quin). From the moment we see Jesse in the first episode, he is on the run under the pseudonym “Cap’n Cook” (“Jesse Pinkman”). When Jesse and Walter join to make methamphetamine, their lives start to spiral. To be deprived of doing something you are passionate about, and to be rejected by your own family because of it, can make a man do unthinkable things. Because of past events in his life, Jesse is in search of approval and attention while living a life of crime. Jesse has a passion for art that leads him to the life of cooking meth. In the first episode Jesse tells Walt, “Cooking is art.” As a kid, Jesse was very creative and he liked to draw. Jesse’s parents wanted him to be a doctor but Jesse had other plans for his life. Because of his rebellious behavior and drug use, Jesse’s parents ban him from the family and want nothing to do with him. At one point, Jesse tries to change his life and comes back home, sneaking through the back. His parents are ready to kick him out again but when they see Jesse setting the dinner table, they see a ray of hope for their son. Jesse’s parents find drugs in his room that belong to his brother, Jake, but they assume it is Jesse’s and they kick him out for good. The rejection was very hurtful to Jesse and led him to try and find acceptance out on the streets

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