The Canadian Business Report 2013

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2015F- WDI-1001-MB2-Workplace Diversity

Canadian Business Comparison Report

Professor: Ruth Drewitt

Submitted by: Sri Harsha kodali
Student Id: c0665398
Date: November 24, 2015

The Canadian business report consists of the comparison of Canadian business with one of my home country business. For this I have choose, The Book Keeper (Queen of Reading), Sarnia, ON and Crossword store in India.

Crossword store is a retail store which is owned by Shoppers Stop Ltd which was launched on 1992 August 15. It has more than 90+ stores across 28 states in India. It is one of stores which is increasing its customers day by day with their ideas, sales, books and their offers for their customers. Since its inauguration it has got a worldwide recognition for its achievements and various articles about the crossword in India. It has been featured in Advertising Age International, USA, as one of the Marketing Superstars for 1994. The Bookseller, UK, has also described it as being on the cutting edge of retailing’ in India. (Crossword, 2015)

The Book Keeper store is located in Sarnia, Ontario. The store is commenced in 1980 in Sarnia. Its carrying its activities from last 35 years and the owner Susan took over the store’s responsibilities from 15 years i.e. 2000. It’s the most popular book store in Sarnia among the few. It has a caption of BOOKS are DREAMS. The name itself shows their interest in books. (Sarnia Bookkeeper, 2015)


I choose…
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