The Career Choices Of The Medical Field, What Benefits Can Be Expected And With Emerged Technologies?

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Between Three Career Choices in the Medical Field, What Benefits Can be Expected and with Emerged Technologies? In the medical field, there are many career choices for whom desires it. Three has been an interest, the first one is Surgical Registered Nurse, second is Physician Assistant, and lastly Registered Nurse Anesthetist. The careers that’s been chosen for a reasons that will be briefly explained and what can it provide for individuals interest. The fascinating thing about these three choices is that they are emerging technologies that can save a person’s life or help someone to get better. Facts will be provided in this paper along with ethical issues, limitations, problem solving situations, and cited facts as proof. On the criteria chart it shows: salary, hours, location, benefits, advancement opportunities, travel requirements, liability, and retention. This is how each career is weighted in a personal thought on what is important when choosing this career. The percent’s from zero to thirty-five percent is reasonable for the criteria. When five percent was chosen for liability and retention because it is having the responsibility is a natural and being kept in the same position for a while is okay for long term experience, it’s expected and be mindful to it but it is not too important. For the thirty-five percent is mostly for salary because that is where you know what you will be expecting for the paycheck that will be used on day to day basis to live a
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