The Career That I Would Like To Attain In Five Years Would

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The career that I would like to attain in five years would be an occupation as an independent bookstore owner. I would like to own and operate my own bookstore in Mississauga that would compete with larger chains by providing the community with an engaging, personable experience that only small, independent businesses can provide. As a bookstore owner, I would manage the everyday activities of the business, including customer service, training and motivating employees, and developing strategies for the long-term success of my store. This career may be hard to achieve within five years, but it is highly appealing to me and is an ideal goal for me to strive towards. As we’ve learned throughout this class, there are several aspects of …show more content…

I will need to become more proficient in these areas and will likely hire someone to help manage my finances. Furthermore, I am inexperienced with social media even though it is an increasingly important marketing tool for the success of many types of businesses. I will need to develop strong marketing strategies, hire the right people, and increase my own experience with social media. Finally, I lack direct experience with business ownership, which I can remedy through working at a bookstore or another independent business until I can afford my own store. Hofstede’s study on cultural dimensions relates strongly to my inexperience in these areas. Regarding a cultural tendency to approaching ambiguity, Johns and Saks write, “Uncertainty avoidance refers to the extent to which people are uncomfortable with uncertain and ambiguous situations” (Johns & Saks, 2013, p. 123). As a person with a low level of uncertainty avoidance, I embrace the unknown and am willing to take risks in uncertain territory. This will be important, not only for developing areas of knowledge that I am unfamiliar with, but also for running business in an economy and business market with an ambiguous future.
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Owning a bookstore requires careful preparation and extensive research in order to attain success in the small business market. First, it is important to learn

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