The Business Of The Firm And Value Creation Essay

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The Business of the Firm and Value Creation
Barnes and Noble is a Fortune 500 company that leads in retail book selling and also retails digital media, educational products and content. The book seller operates more than 600 stores across all the 50 states. The company engages in a number of businesses one of which is retail stores where customers can access a wide selection of books, DVDs, music, toys, gifts and games. The bookseller also has an online channel that offers customers a selection of in-print book titles and customers can get these books quickly and easily. Barnes and Noble also offers NOOK that provides digital content including digital books, newspapers and magazines, periodicals and comics on digital devices. Besides, the bookseller engages in print publishing of books, educational resources, adult fictions, games, puzzles, and other print content (Barnes & Noble 3).
All these businesses are related in that they all involve producing, distributing and selling content. Barnes and Noble uses its businesses to create value and appeal to their customers. The company has used research and development to offer unique products design and services. For instance, retail stores are spacious with each store being about 26,000 square feet. The spacious book stores are able to carry a wide selection of books and other content, and the stores also have cafes where customers can have their meals while shopping for books. The company has also used innovation to offer their

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