The Case Management Team Hold A Press Conference Essay

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Objective #1 (Sharing Information- Knowledge)- Inform the public especially Snapchat users of the specifics of the hack.
Strategy 1a: Inform all employees about the hack, detailing exactly what happened and informing them how to respond when asked about it. Strategy 1b:Release a formal press release outlining the specifics of the incident and negating any rumors that may be perpetuated.
Strategy 1c: Post the press release on all social media pages (Facebook and Twitter) to ensure all of our publics have access to the information in the press release.
Strategy 1d: Have the Snapchat Crisis Management Team hold a press conference within 24 hours of the leak with representatives from various news outlets. PERSON 2-Evaluation #1 (observe/measure attitudes): One of the most important things that we to monitor is how much of the public is our message getting out to. There are a few strategies that our team has in mind to get an accurate number of users who tuned in to the press release and is knowledgeable of the situation. By posting our press conference on Facebook live, we can get the exact number of people who viewed the the press release. Our team is assuming that many news sources are going to broadcast the press release on television. We plan to negotiate with these news networks about viewership through Nielson ratings. Neilson ratings gives us valuable information about not only the size of the audience viewing the press conference but also the population

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