The Case Of Google Inc.

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In the case of Google Inc.’s filing, the details entailed informing investors about its scheduled reorganization of the holding company, operating structure, and financial reporting, among other changes. The establishment of Google Inc. began in 1995 when Sergey Brin and Larry Page met at Stanford University. The two succeeded in building a search engine, originally known as “BackRub,” in 1996. Interestingly, “BackRub” had the capability to use links to determine the importance of various webpages on the Internet, a phenomenon that was unique in its right at the time. Through the concept of “BackRub,” Google Incorporated was conceived and has grown and expanded to become one of the largest corporations of modern time. Google has managed…show more content…
to becoming a unique Company of modern time. According to Page, the planned restructuring of Google Inc. is a great opportunity for the Company’s expansion that would see it grow its product and consumer base through the devolution of its operations. Moreover, the new structure of the organization would facilitate advanced innovation and at the same time, revamp the organization’s structure and various brands. The autonomy achieved by the new structures, according to Page, would accord him and Sergey a chance to keep a tremendous focus on the various unique opportunities available within Google Inc. Incidentally, the restructuring of Google Inc. shall witness the Company implementing holding company reorganization later in the year. The reorganized holding company shall be identified as Alphabet Inc. According to Google Inc. and Page, Google Inc. shall cede all its capital stock in its ownership to Alphabet Inc. During the initial phase of the merging between the newly established Alphabet Inc. and Google Inc., Alphabet Inc. will be a direct, wholly owned subsidiary company of Google Inc. Following that, a newly established entity that is a direct, wholly owned subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. would merge with the current Google Inc., with Google Inc. surviving as the direct, wholly owned subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. Page elucidates that in the basic
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