The Cause Of Maternal Death Worldwide

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Abstract Maternal sepsis is preventable, yet remains the leading cause of maternal death worldwide, according to a study published in 2013 (Acosta & Knight, 2013). Early recognition of symptoms and implementation of correct treatment is key to prevent mortality. A break in nursing education can prevent prompt treatment to patients. Given that pregnant women are more vulnerable to infection and susceptible to serious complications, makes a clear understanding of maternal sepsis imperative (Joseph, Sinha, Paech, & Walters, 2009). The purpose of this project was to determine if there is a need on Memorial Hospital’s LDRP unit for more education related to maternal sepsis. Memorial Hospital, located in York, Pennsylvania is a small …show more content…

Even though sepsis is a major contributor to maternal mortality, septic shock in pregnancy fortunately is relatively rare, affecting only 0.002% to 0.010% of all births (Dutra & Olvera, 2016). Regardless of how low the statistics, maternal mortality happens and the preparedness of units will influence a positive outcome. A needs assessment identifies the discrepancy between the present knowledge and the desired knowledge to develop protocols and education which will bridge the gap between the “what is” and “what should be”. The needs assessment developed for the 23 staff members on the small LDRP unit of Memorial Hospital focused on what the end knowledge base should be. Questions were formulated after an extensive literature review, focusing on early recognition, definitions and specifics for care. This needs assessment will help implement protocols that will improve the care provided, as well as the comfort of the staff members face to face with perinatal mothers.
Review of Literature Critical management of maternal sepsis is key in preventing mortality and identifying a patient at risk can help with initiation of management. There are many risk factors of sepsis during pregnancy. Hashmi and Khan (2014) identified that pregnant women are highly susceptible to infection due to the maternal immune response being decreased. Some of the risk factors named included cesarean

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