The Causes And Effects Of Academic Cheating In High School

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It may feel that as if all throughout high school and college there is always one student in the class who gets A’s on the exams, but never studies or pays attention. It could be highly likely that the student may very well be cheating on these exams. However, would it appease some to learn that the student who earned an undeserving “A” in the class would also earn the title of “unemployed” later in life due to the minimum amount of genuine skill that the student acquired from their cheated through courses. It is apparent that there is a very strong correlation found between those students who cheated on exams throughout their schooling and their employment status after their academic career came to an end. Academic cheating occurs when a student is being dishonest during the completion of their exams and assignments. In the June of 2005 Donald McCabe a professor at Rutgers University reported for The Center for Academic Integrity that statistically, 70% of public high school students openly admitted to cheating on their tests, or plagiarizing papers throughout their four years. These findings were provided by making use of a Gallup survey, Gallup is a private credible company that provides a vast amount of research and consulting on behalf of their polls to many successful organizations around the world. Due to provided research cheating is a common occurrence in high school, and as many may say, “old habits die slow.” Consequently, the development of a bad habit such as
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