The Causes Of The Woman's Suffrage Movement

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The Woman’s Suffrage Movement gave women the right to vote, without the Woman’s Suffrage Movement women today would not be able to vote or have a role in politics. Before the 20th century, women were nothing more than child bearers and housewives. The mind of a women was considered delicate and inferior. Women were opposed and ignored when they were bold enough to voice their opinions.
To begin with, women have the right to vote today because of the courageous acts of activist and suffragist from the 1920s. For example, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony were two women that were unstoppable and fearless. They were attacked and arrested many times but they did not stop fighting until they achieved the goal of getting women the …show more content…

Another way, the Woman’s Suffrage Movement opened the voting door for women in this timeframe was that it served as a training ground for women who were inexperienced about politics. The effect of the Woman’s Suffrage movement was that women can now enter into a political sphere and have the right to vote in elections and participate in political campaigns. Women with no historical background struggled with understanding campaigns and political events this led to the Women’s Liberation in the late 1960s and 1970s. Women then began to question their status. (History net) described this as, “Women like the iconic female slave of the ubiquitous illustration may have propelled white female reformers into an emerging feminist revolt. But history reveals the limits of such an imagined sisterhood.’’
Nevertheless, the Woman’s Suffrage Movement did cause women to doubt themselves they began to think that they were not smart enough to vote because most of them were unable to read and right. Whereas women in this generation can read and right so it is easy for them to vote and understand the ballots. Women began to express how they fell by the laws and customs of their time. (History house) explained this by saying, “Working for the emancipation of black slaves opened their eyes to the unsatisfactory nature of their own situations while providing necessary training in the techniques of political organization and action.’’
Furthermore, women gained a

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