The Center For Disease Control

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The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is a part of the Department of Health and Human Services. It is most widely known for its study and tracking of diseases. It actually does much more than that. One category of information available from the CDC includes injury, violence and safety. The CDC in conjunction with the World Health Organization (WHO) collects data on violence that is directly related to the fields of criminal justice and criminology. The CDC is often overlooked as a source of information in the study of criminology, but it has a lot of relevant information. For this report I will use information from the World Report on Violence and Health obtained from the CDC website to discuss youth violence and sexual violence. I will …show more content…

32). Other factors include psychological and behavioral characteristics like hyperactivity, impulsiveness, risk taking behavior, poor concentration and low IQ. Relationship issues with family members such as violence in the home, low family cohesion, low socioeconomic status and even single parent households can all put youths at greater risk for violence. People, especially youths, are often influenced by their peers. If a person associates themselves with the wrong crowd or becomes part of a gang, they are likely to engage in violent behavior. Urban areas tend to have higher crime rates in general, so it’s no surprise that youth violence would be higher in these neighborhoods. Another factor that can lead to youth violence within a given community is the level of policing that takes place. A lack of police presence or enforcement of the law can negatively impact deterrence and instead provide opportunity for deviant behavior. One last risk factor I will mention is the culture of violence that exists with technology. Exposure to violence on television, on the internet, in movies and in video games can increase the risk of youth violence. This is a controversial subject, and I personally don’t like it when people use it as an excuse for their behavior. However, studies have shown that violence in countries without television increased after television had been introduced into their culture (WHO, 2015 p.38). So, what can be done to prevent or

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